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Testimonials to our sensual shots

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This is one very sexy lady who knows just how to use her body to get a man to heaven! You are a couple who obviously enjoys each other very much and I thank you for sharing your intimacies with me. I just love the tease shots best of all !
- Adam (astranut)

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OMG, Sensual Shots is really the right name! You have a lot of really great photos in your newsletter! You're blessed having such a wonderful, playful, cute and sexy wife! Thanks for your great free newsletter and for giving me the possibility to watch at your sensual shots over and over again!
- Richie (chilled654)

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Your wife is absolutely gorgeous and has an amazing body and spirit and I thank you so much for allowing me to see all this. I commend her on embracing her own body and sharing it with us all.
- Frank (roadie93)

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view profile sccouple29 says:
"We really enjoyed browsing your pictures! The photography is AWSOME! We would love to see more!

Marcia and Lee"

view profile rouly_b says:
"Oh my god,
What a beautiful side on your side are very good and fantaschtische pictures
very sensual shots, very very very hot!!
I love it, all your pics are awesome, more more more more more more

A little squeezing game...

view profile Mr.egy says:
"Thank you for groups invite.and sharring picture."

view profile jguld says:
"Just want to tell you that I have followed you since I found you on Flickr. You are doing the most sensual and autentic pictures that I've found here and then with a wonderfull model indeed !!!"

view profile slohands99 says:
"Your wife is one beautiful lady. We love her beautiful breasts and perfect body. Your photos of her are incredibly sexy and erotic. Love the photos of her in her revealing tops and blouses. She's fantastic!!! Hope to see more of her soon. Thanks, Slohands"


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view profile john | playing with the sex says:
"I am honored for your contact.
I love your photograph... am very attractive, sensual, and exciting. ... and your body is fantastic."

view profile sneakyirelandpics says:
"SensualShots has some of the most beautiful shots on Flickr. Absolutely gorgeous in every one!"

view profile liviu_liviu2001 says:
"no comments......the best shots....keep going..thanks for add!"
Enjoying to be under her boobs

view profile roadie93 says:
"One of the best Flickr accounts out there!! You are a very lucky man to have such a beautiful wife who's unashamed to show her beautiful body to you and others. Her breasts are exquisite!!

Your wife is absolutely gorgeous and has an amazing body and spirit and I thank you for allowing me to be a friend. I commend her on embracing her own body and sharing it with us all."

view profile mattsan123 says:
"All I can say about these guys is WOW! Not only is the subject matter sensual, but the photography itself is far beyond your normal digicam self-pics. I can only say that I'm privileged to bear witness to such beauty and skill. I'm going to look forward to seeing new pictures pop up on their photostream.

Thanks guys!"

view profile Yumerina says:
"Dare I begin to tell you just how amazingly beautiful the pics I just saw are??
even if I did describe what I felt and saw, it would do it no justice :)

You truly are lucky to have such a beautiful wife.. *_*
The pics are heavenlyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

My boyfriend and I had the best sex after watching your photostream-pics of u taking the thong off of her were what did it ;)"

view profile Trooper1955 says:
"I really enjoyed seeing your most recent updates. Your lady is a fantastic model, well dressed with great style sense. This makes for trully fun photos to view; many thanks for posting them all. I check in looking for your updates, thanks for sharing them with us.

- added December 2006.

Sensual Shots,

You're certainly living up to your nickname, the update photos of the last few days have been sensationally well done! I truly love the see the way you've captured the beauty of your lovely wife and presented the photos in such a stylish way. She is a great model, her teasing poses as well as her natural attributes make for exciting photopgraphy indeed. You are a very lucky man to have her and we are all very lucky that you allow us to view your handiwork. Many thanks, I look forward to seeing your future updates."

view profile barhead37 says:My hand under my wife's breasts
"what i really love about this couple is their generosity and uninhibited lifestyle....also she is gorgeous...very natural in every way....the photos speak for themselves as they show a very soft, supple and naturally curvaceous woman...oozing sensuality..."

view profile ben_maccallum says:
"Wow, this woman is fantastic, a perfect pair of breasts and a body to die for. Your husband is a very lucky man indeed, to go to bed with you once would be amazing but every night, wow what can i say !! Thanks for sharing, True Flickr !"

view profile little2mark says:
"By far some of the best breasts that I have ever seen on the web! It's a pleasure to know her. Thanks Guys! Steve"

view profile blue crackling says:
"Wow, you are one lucky person to have such a beautiful breasted lady, who also likes to be photographed. Thank you soooo much for inviting me as a friend it is much appreciated. Your photo's are a credit to yourselves."

view profile EIEIO58 says:
"Anyone lucky enough to have been added as a friend to
SensualShots will be treated to one of the sexiest,
softest, most curvaceous women on flickr. Great pics and
very tastefully done. Thanks for being a friend

I just can't get enough!!!!"

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